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Seaside Pet Resort Facility


Our building was designed and geared towards the comfort of the dogs and at the same time to provide peace of mind for dog owners. Each dog has its own 6’ x 8’ room that is filled with their personal bedding, bowls, toys and food from home. Providing these items helps your animal companion feel at home and relaxed. While your dog stays with us we strive to follow your dog’s normal daily routine beginning with their wake-up time in the morning through their last trip outdoors before bedtime. If your dog needs comforting or a quick walk in the middle of the night - someone is always there to meet their needs!

We are a state-of-the-art indoor boarding facility featuring: ramp access, radiant floor heat, central air conditioning, backup generator, laundry facilities, security system by Absolute Security Group, Inc., and we are a Honeywell Certified Clean Air Facility

Your family dog will enjoy supervised romps on the spacious secure grounds. Seaside Pet Resort is surrounded by an 8’ chain link fence with 6” buried in the ground to deter diggers. Dogs liking long leash walks can be walked regularly by our staff on the residential grounds adjacent to the kennel.

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